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More of Oriethyia's Influential Writing and Speaking

Comment on "The Lesbian Bears," by Martha Courtot,  This Frenzy (11/1/2019).

"Revolution at Hand: Oriethyia's Love Song to the Warriors," by Julie R. Enszer, HuffPost (5/10/2016).

Audio recording of "Love Song to the Warriors." (Oriethyia reads aloud her landmark poetry collection.)

Speaker at "Pagan Clergy Panel," by EarthSpirit: Honoring the Sacred Earth (4/14/2017).

"Anti-war Poem Shared with Women Against War by Oriethyia," A Call to Women of Spirit All Over the World  (3/19/2003).

Phone Interview (2/23/1994), transcribed in "Being a Pagan: Druids, Wiccans, and Witches Today," by Ellen Evert Hopman & Lawrence Bond. NY: Simon & Schuster, 2001.

"Disabled Women's Theater Project," (1982) by Patricia  Regan  & Catherine Ferrara-Hazell.

Sinister Wisdom, issue 14 (1980), p49-50. (A lesbian literary and art journal that published Oriethyia's "Heart Dance" in  an issue the editors found "especially exciting, provocative, and delightful.")

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