Poetry of Oriethyia

Published Collections

Her final collection brings together passionate accounts of her dedication to social justice, her call to carry on the cause, and her abundant love of life. Read her words, listen to her voice, feel her spirit.

"Feminist art is when your mirrors become windows," said Rita Mae Brown, famously coining the salutation "Kisses and Revolution." Oriethyia infused this sentiment into her second collection, and released a self-narrated audio recording of K&R that is available on YouTube.

As one in a limited series of classic chapbooks preserved in the Lesbian Poetry Archive,  Sinister Wisdom editor Julie R. Enszer declared Love Song to the Warriors  "captures thematically the  spirit and excitement of  feminism in the late 1960s and 1970s."  Read Enszer's insightful introduction, and view all of Gillian Booth's illustrations, in a full pdf of  LSW from the archive.

UnPublished Poetry

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